How to Flatten a Rug that’s been Folded?

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You might have stored the rug in the closet, and were waiting for the right time of the year to use it. But, when you took that rug out, you noticed some creases on it. So, what can you do now? Does this mean you can’t use that rug anymore?

No, of course folding a rug wasn’t the best idea, but it’s possible to flatten your rug and make it lie flat on the floor without creases or kinks. Follow this guide to know how you can flatten a flooring that has been folded.

How to Get Creases Out?

1. If your flooring has ripples or waves, lay the rug flat on the floor and be patient as it may take a day or two for the waves to flatten without ironing or any other technique.

2. The corners of the floorings can be a pain, yet it’s pretty simple to flatten those dog-eared corners. You can fold these corners under and leave them for rest. Some rug owners also place heavy objects on corners.

3.  If you have tried all these simple tricks and nothing happened, then try ironing the rug. You have to be extra cautious while doing this, as if done incorrectly, you can damage the rug’s fabric. Make sure your rug is iron-friendly before taking this step.

Prevent Rug Creases

We know that you have already folded the flooring; yet let’s talk about how to prevent the creases in future. So, here are a few tips to store your rug properly:

Clean the Rug

Before you store a rug at the end of a season, clean it properly.

Don’t just vacuum the rug and keep it away.

If possible, hire best rug cleaners to take care of your flooring properly.

Roll the flooring tightly while storing it

Folding a rug in the wrong way can cause many kinks and creases; so, you have to roll the flooring into a tight cylinder.

Keep the pile facing inward as it is the most fragile part of the rug.

Keep it as steady and straight as possible while rolling.

You can place a rod inside the flooring while rolling; so, it can wrap around the rod tightly.

Once the flooring is completely rolled, store it in protective fibres like the cotton sheet, polyurethane rug wraps or muslin.

Store the rug in a cool Setting:

Ensure cool and dry storage for your valuable rug.

Plus, don’t place any heavy objects on top of the flooring as it may cause creases and cracks.

Once you keep the rug in a closet, you can use a dehumidifier or blow a fan to keep it dry and cool.

If you still have creases on the rug, try the home remedies or hire professional rug cleaners to fix the issue.

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