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What do experts do in Persian rug cleaning?

Persian rugs are handwoven; they are well-known for their beauty and durability. That is not to say that they don’t require Persian rug cleaning services once in a while. Persian rugs are often passed on from one generation to another as a family heirloom. If you don’t want your family heirloom to be treated by amateur cleaners hiring reliable professionals like Brilliant Rug Cleaning Melbourne will be decisive.

The process of Persian rug cleaning Melbourne

Inspection– The process begins with an inspection of the rug from all sides for damage. At this point, experts determine the type of cleaning technique, tools & detergents to be used and take the rug to their workshop for cleaning.

Cleansing– Now a suitable environmentally friendly solution is applied all over the rug for deep cleaning. Persian rugs are made of natural dyes hence Persian rug cleaners’ first test of the solution for color bleeding before application.

Steaming– Steam cleaning rugs is the most crucial aspect of Persian rug care. Steam eliminates germs, fungus, pollens, pet dander, etc from the fabric of the rug. Later the rug is water-rinsed to get rid of chemical residues.

Drying– After steaming drying the rug properly is quintessential. Even the slightest of humidity can lead to mold growth & destroy your rug. Hence technicians at Brilliant Rug Cleaning Melbourne use dehumidifiers to dry the rug; they also keep a tab on moisture levels during the entire drying process.

Grooming– Apart from rug cleaning Persian rug care also involves deodorizing & conditioning the fibers for enhanced texture. Experts use conditioners that help regain the shine of the rug. They also repair the rug by fringe repair, patching, hand weaving to add final touches to the rug.

Final check– Now the rug is delivered to its owner and a final check is conducted along with the customer to ensure that they are satisfied. Experts always perform Persian rug cleaning exact to customer’s requirements & Manufactures instructions.

Persian rug cleaners are well equipped with resources to give you a rug cleaning experience par excellence. Availing a professional treatment for rugs twice a year especially with kids & pets at home is highly crucial. Don’t give up on your damaged, dirty rugs; give them the care they deserve with Persian rug cleaning services.

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