How to Clean Cowhide Rugs?

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Cowhide rugs often function well in all locations, including high-traffic areas of your house, due to the hide’s natural durability. They are stain-resistant and easy to maintain. Because of the high quality of the leather, they can survive for many years without needing to be replaced. Here are some tricks from rug cleaning experts on cleaning a cowhide rug:

1.  Shake the rug

It’s a good idea to take the rug outdoors and shake it off now and again. Although a vacuum cleaner can remove a lot of dust and debris from a flooring, transferring it outdoors will release anything that has permeated deeper into the cloth.

Shaking off the flooring is a simple approach for keeping your cowhide rug clean and long-lasting. You don’t have to smack the flooring hard to get the dirt out. Shake it vigorously until you see dirt particles coming out.

2.  Regular Vacuuming

Vacuuming cowhide carpets is similar to vacuuming other types of rugs. It will help you maintain, clean and prevent stains and grime from accumulating on the flooring.

Here are some ground rules to follow:

1.   To vacuum the rug, utilise hose attachments. However, if you believe the suction is too strong, you may use a dustbuster instead.

2.  Vacuuming in the direction of the hair is recommended by experts.

3.  Check that the vacuum’s bristles are not rotating.

3.    Brush the rug

Regularly brushing your cowhide rug may restore its lustre by keeping it clean. While vacuuming, it’s possible that certain parts of your carpeting still have dirt and debris. Brushing can assist in removing stubborn dirt from your carpeting. Brushing is a quicker and more effective approach to cleaning a cowhide rug than vacuuming. Use a broom or a brush with stiff plastic bristles for brushing.

4.  Steam Rug Cleaning

Cowhide rugs get ruined when they are exposed to a lot of water. Never put your flooring in the washing machine or get it wet. However, by utilising water in a less direct, more efficient manner, such as steam cleaning, you can reap the benefits of thorough cleaning without causing long-term damage to your rug.Remove any filth before running your steam cleaner in the same direction as the cowhide hairs. If the stain continues, you can use more focused stain removal treatments.

5.  Stain Elimination

Stains should be treated as soon as possible, especially on a cowhide rug. If you find dried food stains, try scraping them away with the blunt edge of a bristles brush or knife. When dealing with a liquid spill, pet urine, or grease stains, respond quickly by soaking the liquid in a clean cloth or paper towel.

Stubborn stains can be cleaned using a gently moist cloth and a touch of mild soap or non-alkaline shampoo. Another popular and successful method for naturally removing liquid stains and properly cleaning a cowhide rug is to use eucalyptus oil. Scrubbing in either direction should remove the discolouration gradually. If possible, let your cowhide rug air dry outside.

Along with these cleaning tricks, hiring a professional rug cleaning service once or twice a year will restore the beauty of your rug. So, connect with rug cleaning experts now to know more.

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