Persian Rug Cleaning Specialists in Melbourne

      We love cleaning and protecting rugs. At Brilliant Rug Cleaning Melbourne, we nurse your precious rugs back to life with our expert care solutions and treatments. We free the fibers of the rug from the ingrained dirt, allowing them to breathe freely once again. We see them in all sizes and shapes and all states of damage. Rug cleaning is our specialty, and we aim to offer customers unmatched cleaning results. We offer a wide range of rug cleaning services, including Persian rug cleaning, wool rug cleaning, oriental rug cleaning, jute rug cleaning, cotton rug cleaning, silk rug cleaning, vintage rug cleaning, shag pile rug cleaning and many more. For us, the real joy is to see the rugs fresh and restored to their pristine condition. We offer:

      • Complete Rug Cleaning and Protection
      • Water Damage Repair and Restoration
      • Deodorising and Urine Treatment
      • 7-Step Rug Cleaning Plan
      • Moth Treatment
      • Stain Removal
      • Rug Padding and Backing
      • Hand Made Rug Repair
      • Pick-up and Delivery Service at your Convenience

      Cleaning Persian Rugs

      At Brilliant Rug Cleaning Melbourne, our technicians are knowledgeable and well versed in the art of cleaning Persian rugs. We understand that your rugs are valuable investments and an integral part of your home décor. Therefore, we treat your precious rugs with the utmost respect and care. Our Persian rug cleaners understand how delicate rugs are and use the gentle process to clean your antique and rare rugs.


      Persian Rug Care

      Brilliant Rug Cleaning Melbourne has been offering superior Persian rug cleaning services for decades to several clients in Melbourne. We use delicate yet effective cleaning techniques to clean your antique and rare rugs. Dirt and soil ingrained within the rug can cause damage that may go beyond repairing and spoil the look of the house. Thus, it is recommended to restore rugs at the earliest.

      Persian rug cleaning and care requires expert treatment, special tools, and skills to ensure the best possible cleaning results. Our Persian rug cleaning Melbourne team is experts in offering exceptional Persian rug care and treatment. Our Persian rug cleaners are highly experienced and have vast knowledge in cleaning rugs, meaning your rugs are safe with us.

      Professional Persian Rug Cleaning Service

      We believe that cleaning Persian rugs is a job that needs to be handled only by trained professionals with decades of knowledge in cleaning and treating Persian rugs. Our Persian rug cleaners are experienced and help in extending the life of your valuable rugs with superior cleaning services. Our technicians evaluate your rugs to provide you an accurate idea of how well they can clean them, or, restore them.

      If you want to give your rugs high-quality care and treatment, contact our professionals at Brilliant Rug Cleaning Melbourne. We even offer home pick-up, and delivery service to all the patrons in Melbourne, and the best part of this service is that we do not charge anything extra. Additionally, for the ease of booking, we follow a simple process. Just call on 0480027195, and directly to talk to our experts and get a realistic solution. Further, we work seven days a week, including on weekends and public holidays. Get in touch with us now!!



      What is the cost of cleaning a Persian rug?

      Persian rugs are delicate and need a gentle cleaning process. Several rug cleaning companies offer different cleaning prices. Brilliant Rug Cleaning Melbourne guarantees to offer a Persian rug cleaning service at the lowest price. Want to know the price? Call on 0480027195, and get a on-call quote.

      How frequently should Persian rugs be cleaned?

      Persian rugs should be professionally cleaned every three to five years to prevent dust, dirt, and allergen build-up. Get in touch with our Persian rug cleaning Melbourne team to get the best Persian rug cleaning service.

      Do your clean vintage Persian rugs?

      Our Persian rug cleaners are experts in cleaning rugs. Firstly, they vacuum the rugs from both sides to remove the dust completely. Then apply the cleaning solution and wash it with water. They even use unique soft brushes to scrub over the rug and loosen it.

      Do you offer service on weekends?

      Yes! Our technicians are available seven days a week, including on weekends and public holidays. Call on 0480027195, to book an appointment.

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