Rug Repair Services Melbourne

      Elegant rugs are an asset to your home. It is essential to maintain its look with regular cleaning and grooming. However, avoid trying to do it on your own or make a trial of internet found methods to clean your beautiful rugs. Without adequate knowledge and experience you will end up damaging your rugs.

      Brilliant Rug Cleaning Melbourne is a leading provider of Rug Cleaning Melbourne services with exceptional results and unbeatable prices. We have been in the business for more than a decade, bringing smiles to customers with our impeccable Rug Cleaning Services tailored to eradicate all problems related to rug damage.

      Rug Washing and Rug Repair in Melbourne

      Rugs look charming and classy when taken care of regularly. They add that extra vigour to your beautiful home. There are more reasons to let a professional handle your rugs carefully

      • A damaged rug will deteriorate at a faster rate than a clean one.
      • Their value will be preserved.
      • Unclean rugs have a lot of dirt and bacteria on them, which are harmful for your health.

      At Brilliant Rug Cleaning Melbourne, we repair and restore all kind of rugs bringing back the lustre in them. We thoroughly understand the importance of restoring antique and valuable rugs. Our craftsmen can revive your rugs with our wide range of services including Rug Washing, Rug Steam Cleaning, Rug Repair Melbourne, and many more. Just contact us on 0480027195  to get a detailed understanding of our services.

      Our Rug Cleaning Process

      • Rug Inspection: Our experts will so a detailed inspection of your rug to understand its type and the kind of treatment required.
      • Rug Dusting Process: In this process, all loose dirt particles, hair particles, wax, chewing gum, or dust particles are removed.
      • Rug Washing: The rug is colour tested and then washed using biodegradable soap. A deep cleaning of the rug will get rid of all the ingrained dirt and soap residuals.
      • Rug Drying: Our industrial dryer helps in faster drying of the rugs to make it springy again. After vacuuming and pile setting a pre-delivery inspection is carried out to ensure your satisfaction.

      We Have Expertise In The Following Services:

      • Jet Vacuuming
      • Prevention of Colour Bleed (Dry-locking)
      • Fringe Cleaning and Whitening
      • Fringe Repair
      • Binding Repair
      • Conditioning
      • Jet Extraction
      • Rug Handwashing
      • Rug Tear and Hole Repair
      • Moth Damage Repair
      • Rug Stain Removal
      • Rug Odour Removal
      • Water Damage Restoration
      • Overlocking

      We Work On The Following Types Of Rugs:

      • Persian
      • Oriental
      • Cotton
      • Synthetic
      • Acrylic
      • Wool
      • Natural Fibre
      • Braided

      And, many others. Our professional Rug Cleaning Services, will help you restore the look of your rugs in the most efficient way possible. We use the latest technology and powerful products to make your rugs look like a new one.

      Rug Repair and Rug Restore

      Even if you admit to vacuuming your rugs regularly, it still needs a deep cleaning once a year to maintain its charm. By investing in reputed Rug Cleaning Services Melbourne, you will be able to prevent your rugs from deterioration. Inexperienced hands can damage your rugs even more. Rely on Brilliant Rug Cleaning Melbourne to restore your rugs flawlessly. We can handle everything from tears, holes to restoring fire damage. Contact us today to get your quote.

      Rug Moth Treatment

      Wool rugs are commonly attacked by moth larva in areas under the furniture or closed rooms. Moth infestation damages the rug fibres very quickly. We can treat moth damages rugs by finding the source and removing the larva. Then, the rug is dusted and washed properly. You must apply moth protection on your rugs every 3 months for the first one year to prevent the return of the moths. Alternatively, you can hire an established pest control service to treat moth infestation in your home.

      Why Choose Us

      Our years of competency in handling various types of rugs makes us a renowned name in the rug cleaning industry. We have dedicated staff and top-quality machines to provide you premium services. There are more than one reason to choose us to get your rug cleaned.

      • Decades of Industrial Experience
      • Trained and Certified Workers
      • Eco-friendly Methods
      • The Latest Technology
      • Affordable Rates
      • Guaranteed Results
      • Flexible Booking Schedule
      • 24x7 Availability

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      1. How often should I wait before the next professional cleaning of my rug?

      Answer: If your rug experiences frequent foot traffic then once a year you should get it cleaned professionally. Apart from that, regular vacuuming of your rugs is important to increase its lifespan in between the professional cleanings.


      2. Do you pick and deliver the rugs?

      Answer: Yes, we can do that for you. Our Rug Cleaning Services are flexible and affordable. You can contact us on 0480027195 to book a convenient date and time for your rug cleaning. Our experts will reach you in no time. We can either collect your rug from your home or workplace whichever suits you the best, and deliver your rugs as per your choice.


      3. How much will you Rug Washing service cost?

      Answer: The cost will mainly depend on the size and type of your rugs. Once you provide us the dimension and the type of treatment required, we can provide you the best deal specific to your needs. If you are unsure about the dimensions of your rugs, do not hesitate to call us. Our experts will do the necessary inspection and provide an estimate. Brilliant Rug Cleaning Melbourne offers exceptional Rug Washing at reasonable prices.


      4. Should rugs be dry-cleaned?

      Answer: The natural fibre rugs must be washed using water immersion as it removes all dirt gently from the fibres. Dry cleaning will discolour your rugs due to chemical residue left behind after the process. Also, dry cleaning does not remove soil completely as dusting is not done. Call Brilliant Rug Cleaning Melbourne to get impactful tips on maintaining your rugs in good condition.


      5. Do you work on weekends and holidays?
      Answer: Yes, we are available 24×7 for phenomenal Rug Cleaning Services. We understand there will be times of urgency when you need to quickly fix your rugs. Whatever the situation might be, just give us a call on 0480027195, and get your rugs repaired or washed efficiently on all days of the week.
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