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Being able to machine wash a rug is a bonus. Spills and mishaps happen in every household and having a machine washable flooring takes away the stress of regular rug washing. Yet, all rugs are different and cannot be machine-washed. That’s why here we have given a list of rug materials that are machine washable:


Many synthetic fibres may be machine cleaned, and nylon floorings are no exception. These rugs are not as long-lasting as other synthetic fibres, such as polypropylene, but they are perfect for areas with low traffic. The occasional rug washing helps remove dirt and dust from the nylon rug; however, prefer a delicate cycle and cold water for washing and avoid the dryers as air drying is the best approach for such floorings.


Cotton is often a top choice of many customers as it is a natural rug fibre that can be safely machine washed.  Cotton rugs are not only inexpensive, but they are also comfortable and easy to clean in the washing machine. A cotton rug is simple to repair or replace because it is affordable. Yet, remember to air-dry your cotton rugs as cotton clothing; these floorings can shrink when placed in the dryer.


Polyester floorings are highly preferred because of their budget-friendly price and soft touch. These floorings, like other synthetic rug fibres, are machine washable too. When cleaning a polyester rug, it’s best to wash it solo. If you combine it with another load, be careful not to mix the coloured clothes with it. When cleaning a polyester flooring, use cold water and a gentle cycle with a light detergent.


Olefin has resistance to moisture, stain, and mildew. Plus, it comes in a variety of appealing colours and designs that are a perfect choice for outdoor or indoor use. Further, Olefin can withstand a machine wash if rug washing is required after a season ends. You can hire professional rug cleaning services once a year to wash the flooring at home using specialised machine.


Viscose is a wood pulp-based cellulosic fabric. Although it is made of natural fibres, chemicals are utilised in the manufacturing process to make it into a textile. As a result, viscose is classified as a semi-synthetic material. While a viscose rug may be washed in a machine, but it is advisable to hand-wash or spot clean them as they are delicate.


Like olefin, Polypropylene rugs are an excellent choice for high traffic areas and ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. Polypropylene is a long-lasting synthetic rug fibre that can be hand-washed or machine-washed with a gentle dish detergent and garden hose.

Polypropylene fibres can melt by dryer heat; so, avoid putting this rug in the dryer. Allow it to air dry instead, and avoid placing it in direct sunlight.

Before tossing the rug into the machine, check the manufacturing instructions. Not all floorings can stand regular machine wash and may need specific cleaning techniques. So, it’s advisable to hire professional rug washing experts at least once a year to keep your flooring fresh and hygienic.


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